Metallic Retro-Futuristic Watches

Metallic Retro-Futuristic Watches
May 2023

Renowned timepiece brand G-SHOCK continues to strike the balance between chic, durable, and functional with a new range of metallic silver watches. Part of the 'Forgotten Future' capsule, the four new releases embrace an eye-catching "retro-futuristic" aesthetic. The most recent metallic silver watch debuts by G-SHOCK include the GA-700, the GA-2100, the GA-2200, and the DW-5600--all of which are popular designs. The silhouettes boast "a shimmery layer of metallic paint and [...] a mirror-finished LCD dial." While the GA700FF-8A, the GA2100FF-8A, and the DW5600FF-8 all retail for $120 USD, the GA2200FF-8A is available to consumers for $160 USD.
G-SHOCK's new timepieces are minimalist and elegant enough to be styled with a different variety of outfits, lending themselves well to both casual and more formal settings.
Image Credit: G-SHOCK, hypebeast, gshocksio