Sustainable Bamboo Water Taps

Sustainable Bamboo Water Taps
Art & Design
May 2023

Amid the new collection release by high-end Italian manufacturer Gessi is a stunning bamboo water tap that is both sustainable and functional. The new capsule is titled JACQUELINE and through it, the brand seeks to highlight "the best qualities of made in Italy - high level of materials, attention to detail, refined style, innovation, imagination in solutions, ability to last over time."
Gessi Haute Culture's bamboo water tap is available to consumers in a variety of metallic and colored finishes. It is clear that the brand has exercised great attention to detail and much precision in the assembly of the product. All bamboo roots used in the tap were hand-selected by Gessi. The brand used hot bending techniques to arrive at the desired form for the tap.
Image Credit: Gessi Haute Culture